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Warehill WTCA  Warehill WTCB  Warehill WTCC  EVENTS - FULL SCHEDULE

SHOW JUMPING £6.00 per class, £4.00 per clear round, enter and pay on the day.

SHOWING £6.00 online entry.  Enter on the day £8.00. During wet weather, showing classes only will be held indoors.

DRESSAGE SPECIAL REQUESTS must be made with your entry through PayPal - please do not email, Facebook or SMS as your request will not be available to dressage organisers. Late entry, refunds or transfers are not available after the closing date.  DRESSAGE TIMES  Calls must be restricted to the day/times stated as lists are not available outside these hours 14.00-20.00 Thursday prior to event  07854 110015 





GB Rider Championship Showing & Showjumping 1st & 2nd September 2018 Showing Sat, SJ  Sun

Showing - Horses and Ponies who have qualified for or competed at HOYS in the years 2015, 2016 or 2017/18 are not eligible for the GB Rider Showing Championships. This Championship is aimed at keen and competitive amateurs –PRODUCERS ARE EXCLUDED.

Showjumping - All qualifying courses include: at least one double, at least two parallel fences, at least eight fences, at least two fillers. First, second and third places qualify. i.e. 6 per class (3 horses and 3 ponies). If first, second and third places do not have a membership number, the qualification can pass down the line as far as 5th place. All horses and ponies must go clear in the first round in order to qualify


GB Rider Dressage 2018 Membership is required

Riders must be have a GB Rider Membership for the 2018 season before competing in a qualifying class for the Championship dressage - Who Qualifies? 1st – 3rd place in each section of each class qualifies.     At least 60% must be achieved by all qualifiers.  If the first 3 placed have already qualified, the qualification goes down the line to the next best tests but those tests must be at least 60%.  If there are most than 10 entries in the class, 1st 2nd and 3rd qualify.  *The Best Junior also qualifies but the junior must achieve 60%


Refer to website for full rules

The Sunshine Tour National Championship is held on the ‘hallowed turf’ of The All England Showground at Hickstead from Thursday 13th – Sunday 16th September 2018 for unaffiliated and amateur competitors of all ages and abilities.


The Championships features: Dressage from Intro to Elementary; Show Jumping from 30cm to 1.05m; Showing for lead rein, first ridden, in-hand, ridden, working hunter, veterans, plus many more; Eventers Challenge from 60cm through to 1m.


To qualify: 1st to 4th placed in dressage, show jumping & showing. Further information available at or follow us on Facebook – Sunshinetouruk


Rules and restrictions apply, please check the website for Terms & Conditions. Entries close 13th August

 QUALIFIERS   ¨ GB Rider   { Sunshine Tour

Sunday 22nd April


Enter and pay on the day

Clear round       10.00-10.45 am 1'6"-2’ (60 cms)

Class 1              2' Novice

Class 2              2' 3" Intermediate (70 cms)

Clear round       not to start before 11.45 am 2'6" (approx. 45 minutes duration)

Class 3              2'6" Open (80 cms)

Class 4              2’9” Open (90 cms)



Sun 29 April


Entry online £6.00 (+ 45p admin fee) or on the day £8.00



Class 1                    9.30 am YOUNGSTOCK

                                Can be run as a combined class for 1, 2 and 3 yr of ages. Open to mares, geldings and stallions. Stallions                                            must NOT be handled by someone younger than 14 years on 1st Jan 2018


Class 2                    9.50 am IN HAND MOUNTAIN & MOORLAND

                                Registered and Unregistered. Open to mares, geldings and stallions.


Class 3                    10.10 am BEST CONDITION

                                Open to horses and ponies. Class may be split if sufficient entries


Class 4                    10.30 IN HAND COLOURED

                                For all types of coloured. Any height.


Class 5                    10.50 am DRIVING TYPE

                                For horses and ponies to make good driving types.


Class 6                    11.10 am  YOUNG / BEST CHILD HANDLER

                                Open to mares and geldings. Split into two sections if sufficient entries

                                a) Handlers Under 11 on 1st Jan 2018    b) Handlers between 11 and 16 years of age


Class 7                    11.30 am FOREIGN BREEDS

                                For Arabs, Andalusians, Luzitanos, Lippizaners, Quarter horses, Saddlebreds, Morgans, Paints, Paso Finos,                                          Knabstruppers, Haflingers, Mustangs, Appaloosas. (any other foreign breed not British/Natives)


Class 8                    11.50 am IN HAND RIDING HORSE

                                Open to stallions, mares and geldings Any height or age. Class will not be split


Class 9                    12.10 pm RETRAINED RACEHORSE

                                Horses 4 yrs. and over, mares and geldings. Blemishes caused through racing will be ignored


Class 10                  12.30 pm VETERAN

                                Horses and ponies 15 years or over  – judge may ask to see passport


12.50 pm Champion and reserve Champion for all those placed first and second – in hand classes.




Class 11                  1.10 pm LEADING REIN  

                                Ponies not to exceed 12.2hh. Child under 9 years on 1st Jan 2018. Snaffle bridle.


Class 12                  1.30 pm CHILDRENS PONY

                                Ponies 14.2hh and under to include first ridden. Rider must be 16 on 1st Jan in current year.


Class 13                  1.50 pm NOVICE RIDER

                                A walk and trot showing class for novices, may be split between horses and ponies if entries warrant.

                                Marked on the rider's performance and not on the horse/pony conformation/performance. For

                                competitors who have not won this class in a previous season. All types and sizes, ages. For novice

                                riders who have never won a showing class before this does not include lead reins.


Class 14                  2.10 pm RIDDEN MOUNTAIN & MOORLAND

                                Registered and unregistered. Large Breeds/Small Breeds/Part bred. Classes may be split.


Class 15                  2.30 pm RIDDEN FAMILY HORSE OR PONY

                                For horses/ponies all heights, types, ages. Must be suitable to be ridden by all members of the family.


Class 16                  2.50 pm RIDDEN FOREIGN BREEDS

                                Open to all breeds, including Arabs, part bred, excludes British native M&M ponies.


Class 17                  3.10 pm  RIDDEN COLOURED/ODD COLOURED

                                For all types of coloured. Riders any age. Class may be split.


Class 18                  3.30 pm RIDDEN HUNTER TYPE

                                For all heights, weights and ages. Classes may be split and Judge may ride.


Class 19                  3.50 pm RETRAINED RACEHORSE

                                Horses 4 yrs. and over, mares and geldings. Blemishes caused through racing will be ignored

Class 20                  4.10 pm RIDDEN VETERAN


4.30 pm Champion and reserve Champion for all those placed first and second - ridden classes